About Us

This website was designed by Barbara Gabogrecan and built by Peter O’Connor, with some assistance on technical issues by Ven Grollmus, who runs his own business, “IT Solutions and Marketing”.

Barbara Gabogrecan

Barbara began her love of animals when she was very young and lived in the bush. She was always amazed that her dad’s dogs would simply obey a series of whistles for a command to action. Though she was always upset when the dogs did something wrong and were punished.

As a young adult, she purchased a Dalmatian and showed and bred them for many years. For a while she dabbled in traditional dog obedience, but again was unhappy with the way she was told to train her dogs. Barbara also owned and showed a Maltese, Boxer, Mini Schnauzer and Australian Terrier.

Barbara was a judge of Groups 1, 6 and 7 when she simultaneously suffered a stroke and a brain tumour. She was even unable to show her dogs. She then discovered clicker training and very quickly became a fan of this type of positive training. She gained quick, excellent results from dogs as young as 10 weeks, and was “hooked”.

She decided that she wanted others to experience the same degree of success as she has had and used videos in this website to reach others. The great thing about this website – even though it is designed for Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and this is the breed she works with; clicker training works for any breed of dog of any age. It is used extensively with exotic animals such as bears and dolphins in zoos etc. and nearly all dogs appearing on TV or in Movies are trained using the clicker method.

Peter O’Connor

Peter had never had anything to do with dogs being shown until he met Barbara. He used to watch her judging and soon learned how to pick a good dog from a string of dogs in the ring.

After Barbara lost her health, he decided to handle a dog in the show ring and Barbara began to train him on the finer points of showing.

He began by showing “Ch Winaway Comic Genius” (Chester) and had great success with him. The fact that Chester had already been trained and loved the show ring helped Peter in his early days of handling. He then began to show “Ch Winaway Stir the Pot” (Bronte) and had further success. She had a litter and he kept the bitch “Winaway Steal The Show” (Thriller) and began to show her, but due to needing a knee replacement, he had to give up showing. It was then that her groomer Raf Broomhall from ‘Sparkling Dog Grooming” in Kings Meadows, Tasmania (a judge who already shows a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) offered to show her and he continues to do so today.