Clicker Training

What is Clicker Training?
Why You Would Want to Use Clicker Training?

Supreme Ch Belljari Chasing the Sun (Angus). Photo courtesy Belinda Wright.

Clicker dog training is incredibly efficient. However, people are divided about this method of training. They either say that clicker training is a fad or a fantastic technique to use when training a dog.

When training a dog, practice and repetition is a critical part of the learning process; but training to do only what you like to do is easy. If you come up against an aspect of training that you don’t like or it seems too difficult, it is important to spend the additional time needed to learn how to do it. Put some effort into learning to do the ‘hard stuff’ and you will really understand what the learning process is all about. To be a good teacher (trainer) you must also be prepared to constantly learn yourself.

Training by using a clicker, is used to teach all species of animals, especially exotic zoo animals e.g. polar bears, dolphins etc. Because dogs are more intelligent and can learn without a clicker, some wonder, “Why bother with a clicker?” The ‘why’ can be answered with, “Clicker dog training ensures a fast, enjoyable response from the dog and more satisfying results for the trainer.” Training a dog this way is especially good for teaching animal performances e.g. in movie or TV work. So, if the clicker is used for these more difficult and accurate responses that must be achieved on cue why not use the clicker for simple dog training?

To get the best out of training your dog, you must be confident. The first thing you need to do is to ‘shape’ the behaviour of your dog before training commences. Here is an example of how to ‘shape’ the behaviour when teaching him to beg.

Clickers are very exciting training tools as they actually encourage your dog to think for himself and work out a problem.

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