Tips & Hints

  1. Where possible, don’t use words – use hand signals.
  2. Once your dog understands and obeys hand signals, you can add words.
  3. You need to repeat a new command up to 100 times to make sure your dog will obey EVERY time.
  4. Only train one dog at a time. If you have other dogs, put them away from where you are training one dog.
  5. Get your puppy used to going into a cage. This is important when you need to put them away while you are eating, when visitors arrive or if there is any form of emergency.
  6. NEVER walk your dog without a leash. The retractable leashes are not a great idea, as they limit the degree of control you have over your dog.
  7. When you are walking your dog, do not let it walk or run in front of you, or cross from one side to the other. You are in charge, not your dog.
  8. When walking a dog, always carry a spare plastic bag to pick up any dropping they may leave.
  9. When walking a male dog, do not let him stop and pee on every post and bush he comes across.
  10. When walking a dog, walk smartly and have your dog match your pace.
  11. When walking your dog or dogs, always keep them on your left side.
  12. If your dog does something that you would like him to continue, praise him and give him a treat. (see article on Clicker Training)
  13. Start training your puppy at about 10 weeks of age.
  14. Aim to train your puppy for about 10 minutes EVERY day.
  15. If possible, have someone else with you when training your dog and get them to make a video. This will help you a great deal in your training techniques.
  16. When photographing your dog, have their head at the same level as the camera. Don’t photograph looking down on your dog.

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