Greeting Cards


All of these cards are meant to bring a smile to the face of the recipient…but you can also use them for a more serious message. Here are some suggestions as to what circumstances they may be useful for. Bold headings represent what is written in the card.

Have you heard…..?

  • About this great party – then invite them along to your special party
  • About an engagement
  • About winning at sport

Thank you for your friendship

Very simple – we send cards on special occasions why not send one just to thank someone for being a good friend?

When you are feeling as sick as a dog, just call me

When someone is ill – letting them know you will be there for them

What do you mean by “surprise”?

  • A surprise engagement or informal wedding invitation
  • Birth of a child – a boy when a girl was expected or vice versa
  • Moving house with new address to family and close friends

Tummy tucked in, back straight, head held high – now I am one of those beautiful people!

  • To send to a friend who has undergone weight loss or plastic surgery
  • To give to a young girl for her deb ball
  • As a birthday card to someone who cares about their appearances

I know smoking is bad for you but I don’t inhale

  • Letting someone know that you understand the problems they are experiencing
  • Helping someone give up smoking
  • Helping someone through a stressful time

Ask and you will receive

  • When someone has lost a close relative or friend and you want to let them know you are there to help
  • When a child is going out on their own
  • At Christmas time
  • For a religious meaning

We deserve a break

  • To thank a family member for helping you in a time of stress
  • To send to someone going on a holiday
  • To send to someone stressed out by family circumstances

I’m not a seeing eye dog, but I sure can find the clues

  • When someone is ill and not telling you
  • When someone moves without giving you their new address
  • When you meet someone that is special

Holidays are great fun!

  • To send someone when you are on holidays
  • To send someone when they go on holidays
  • To send someone who tends to take their work with them when on holidays

Too much work & not enough play is a dog’s life

  • To send to someone who works too hard
  • To send to someone who does not easily relax
  • To send to someone you want to invite to join you for an outing or a holiday

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  1. The thoughts expressed as suggestions for sending one of these lovely cards are soooo helpful and encourages me to send a few to people I value.

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