You will find many videos of dogs responding to clicker training. These videos are in no specific order.

Many of these videos are produced by Dog Training E-Cademy and filmed and edited by Lifestyle Video Productions.

Just click on the link below to watch the selected video

Introduction to Dog Training E-Cademy Clicker Training 1st Step
BowWalking Backwards
Computer NerdCostumes
Drop; Sleep; WakeBeg & Dance
Fetch & GiveLimp – Beginning
Play DeadPostman
PrayingRoll Over
Shake HandsMove Slowly
Speak & GrowlStair Etiquette
StandTarget – Heel
Wait for FoodZig Zag

You can use individual tricks you teach your dog to make a story line. You can then upload it to You Tube, Vimeo or other social web sites.

Below is an example:
Note that the web address towards the end of the video for ‘Cooper the Super Dog’ is no longer valid.

The web address for the video production company, Lifestyle Video Productions is a valid address and we thank John and Anne for their efforts in filming and producing many of our videos on this website.

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